Sniffie Growth Hacker Program 2019

Our aim is to make You grow

This programme is not for everyone. We are not looking for people to be trained for a manager role or for a given job description. No, we choose 3-4 people team that we train to play a major role in our international expansion. You will be given specific role in the company that needs a person who can make things fly.

  • Are you clever?
  • You go through anything?
  • You want to make an impact?

Programme structure

The programme consists of four areas.

1. Your personal growth path

Every talent gets a personal growth path that is developed personally for the team member. It is based on your strentghs. Not to avoid your weaknesses. We believe that people need to get to the uncomfortable zone but only if it adds value to their current strengths.

2. Your special projects

Every talent will be given also a personal special project that they are running by themselves and one that supports the other team in their growth. Pier assesment is used to understand how well the project is going.

3. Bootcamps

The year includes 4 bootcamps that go through the main areas of growth drivers sales, marketing, customer success and data. These will be offsite events that participants have to go through. Events will feature outside lecturers and professionals sparring.

4. Weekly training

Your week includes work rotation between sales, marketing, customer success, data science and customer work. Yes, you will do cold calling, pricing analytics, write articles and negotiate with customers.


Sales and prospecting (2 days)

  • Prospecting

  • Cold calling

  • Next generation sales

  • Real time sales

  • Argumentation handling

  • Psychology of selling

  • The art of closing

Customer Success (3 days)

  • Customer support
  • Customer feedback handling
  • Customer insight
  • Customer understanding
  • Data scraping
  • Data cleansing
  • Master data development

Marketing and branding (3 days)

  • Branding and design
  • Idea creation
  • Building a marketing plan
  • Content creation and SEO
  • Organising marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Event organising

Growth hacking and data (3 days)

  • Understanding decision making
  • Understanding data & structure
  • Data infrastructure scaling
  • Using financials for growth
  • Automating everything
  • Designing a customer happiness
  • AI basics and validation

Your vision for 2020?

Are you going to be the person we send to open up our Berlin office, be the our Head of Data or run our customer insight function? It you think you got what it takes apply today. The applicants will be chosen in spring 2019 and when the team is chosen the application closes.

Once you graduate you will receive a competitive salary and vantage point position for the global pricing and ecommerce market.

Take your place, the time is now.


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