Working at Sniffie - Jonas Timonen



How did you come to work at Sniffie?

During spring 2020 I was looking for a marketing internship to complete a so-called “specialization work placement” which is part of the International Business Degree that I'm currently completing. While searching for a company for that internship I stumbled across a recruitment video posted by Sniffie on LinkedIn, they were looking for marketing & sales interns. The position described in the video seemed like a good fit for me, even though I had never heard about a company specialising in pricing automation. I did some digging about the company and soon after decided to apply for the position. Eventually I got hired as a Marketing & Sales Intern and after the internship I got an opportunity to keep working at Sniffie as a Marketing & Social Media Coordinator.

How has it been?

The whole journey at Sniffie has been an eye opening experience to say the least. I have been able to work on and experience various tasks within marketing and sales and improve my skills and knowledge about the two.  In addition to the marketing and sales tasks I have got  two very unique experiences while working at Sniffie  - 1: What it's like to work in a growing start-up company and 2:  What it's like to work remotely in a new company and position due the unfortunate COVID-19 situation.  

How is the working culture?

The working culture and environment at Sniffie is great. People work tirelessly on their own projects/areas but are always ready to help if one is in need of help. Even though we have been working continuously remotely for almost a year now, the working culture and team spirit have not shifted. 

How is the culture in general?

Considering the fact that we are living unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 outbreak I could not ask for a better culture to be a part of. Every employee is taken care of in the sense of having proper equipment at their home offices, weekly meetings are held to keep up the social relations between employees and we have managed to organize outdoor team meetings with social distancing. The general culture at Sniffie is very welcoming and something you want to be a part of as an employee.

How has Sniffie team supported you in your growth?

Everyone at Sniffie have supported my growth by giving me guidance and feedback and not only about my work but also about my studies. The amount of responsibility that I have been given at Sniffie is probably the biggest growth driver for me.

10 months out of the 11 that I have been with Sniffie have been "remote months" due to the Corona outbreak which means I learned how to do my job remotely and I´m  constantly improving at it. Would this have been possible without the rest of team Sniffie continuously supporting my growth? The answer is no. 


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