Working at Sniffie - Mia Martikainen


Who is Mia Martikainen?

I work at Sniffie as a Customer Support Specialist. Before joining Sniffie I worked in various customer service jobs for around 10 years. I did everything from selling children's clothing to running a small webstore to working in a car rental shop. 

How did you join Sniffie? 

In September 2020 when I was still on my maternity leave I heard that Sniffie was looking for more people to join their Junior Data Support team, to work on product matching. I had already wondered what working life would be like for me after my maternity leave as the company that I worked before my leave no longer existed and the work of a salesperson did not motivate me anymore. How ever I did know that I still wanted to be working with customer service.

Sniffie was offering an opportunity to work in a very interesting and well functioning company, the work could be done remotely from home and the working hours were very flexible. The opportunity sounded more than fitting for me so I decided to apply for the job and eventually I was hired. 

How has the work been?

I first started off by doing my Junior Data Support job for only a couple hours a  day but quickly the expected thing happened and I was carried away by the job. Currently I work as a Customer Support Specialist and my job revolves around our customersĀ“ accounts. The work I do is genuinely interesting and each case I get to work on is different. 

How is the working environment?

Even though I'm working remotely from a different city it doesn't feel like IĀ“m working alone, by myself, but instead I'm part of a great team that I can reach with one mouse click :) I would describe the general working environment at Sniffie as positive, supportive and encouraging.

How has the Sniffie team supported you in your growth?

Steady feedback from the team, excellent remote workshops, personal responsibilities, and trust are the cornerstones that the Sniffie team has provided me with to allow me to grow and continuously improve in my job.   

What are your interests outside of work?

We have 2 children and dog with my husband that keep us busy on a daily basis :D During my freetime you can find me from outdoors, I'm a big fan of all outdoor activities. Yoga and small diy-projects are also close to my heart!


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