Our first Growth Hacker Aleksi

How did you come to join Sniffie?
Now when I think of it, it is a really unique story. I was trying to start my development as a data scientist when my girlfriend came home and joyfully told me that she had met Yassine who was at least moderately interested in my psychology + statistics background. Yassine then contacted me and invited me to a ‘get to know Sniffie’-event. At this event, I felt that I wanted to work at Sniffie and therefore sent Yassine a sample of what I can do in the context of pricing. My proof of talent was enough to get me to Sniffie.

How has it been?
Sniffie CEO Tomi Grönfors told me at the interview that at Sniffie I get as much responsibilities as I can handle (and maybe sometimes a bit more) and that failing is okay at Sniffie as long as you learn from your mistakes. Tomi really meant those words. I have been getting projects requiring all of my knowledge and also getting all the support I have needed. And I am loving the situation.

How is the working culture?
It is hard to give an honest opinion regarding working culture since I have worked at Sniffie for only a few months. But what I have seen, is a culture of encouragement.

How is the culture in general?
The culture in general is positive. I have still not had a single day when I had not been eager of going to work, which should in itself tell enough about the culture.

What is your responsibility?
At the moment my responsibility is data. The responsibilities regarding data divide into two distinct categories. Both of those categories are at least partially my responsibilities.
1) Making sure that the data is reliable.
2) Making sure that customers get the answers they want and need.

What is your trainee program concentrating in?
The Growth Hacker program on my behalf concentrates on data. Because of my interest in statistics I have enough knowledge to be a data scientist, but I am slow at creating functional solutions. My program is concentrating on developing my skills in creating solutions as well as getting to know specialities of pricing industry.

What are you going to be when you are through the trainee program?
I am going to work as a Head of Data at Sniffie and continue developing my talent. Graduating from Growth Hacker-program means that I have enough skills to work as a Head of Data. I have then only scratched the surface of being a data scientist and will continue developing my skills.

How has Sniffie team supported you in your growth?
The team has been really supportive. From the day I walked to Sniffie I have resembled a 4-year old kid who wants to know how everything works. Instead of losing patience, the team has invested time making sure I understand the answers to my questions and usually some extra. The team has also made sure I can invest as much time as I want in my studies. It is important for me to be able to also develop my skills as a psychologist. At Sniffie, this has been a priority not only for me, but also for my colleagues and co-workers.



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