Introduction to Sniffie tech team

We look for good team players rather than individual superstars.

We will get the best version out of you.


We at Sniffie believe everyone should be given enough responsibilities to secure their professional growth. This also applies to our tech team, where you could start as a junior developer and quickly learn and grow to a more senior level. Everyone who works at Sniffie tech is a useful member of the team from day 1. As we see you grow and unlock your true potential, you could become a team lead in one of our key technical areas.

What's in it for you FAQ

We are looking for a good cultural fit instead of a Jesus to save us.

Our team

Niko has over 18 years of full-time equivalent programming experience with multiple different languages. Niko loves statistics & mathematics and working with big data sets. He really enjoys Python and is not that keen on C++.

Niko Naakka M.D. & M.Sc. industrial engineering

Tuomas is in charge of integrations and devops. He has studied telecommunications engineering. Tuomas has been tinkering with command line in Unix systems since he could write at the age of 7.

Tuomas Uutela Chief Systems Officer

Fredrik is Head of Product at Sniffie and leading development of the Sniffie web app. Fredrik has over 16 years of programming experience and built his first websites with MS Frontpage in Windows 95 in the ’90s.


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